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The Band Leader software is designed for use on the Windows platform.
First, check to see if your Apple computer can run Windows applications.

The following are links to new products gaining respect from Apple users that need a way to load and run
        windows based applications on their Mac systems.

Check these out and come back. We'd like to have you as a customer.

The Band Leader features ...

  • Automatically updates your website's gig schedule.
  • Automatically builds Web Site calendars for Band Members only or your fans.
  • Prints customized contracts, gig sheets, engagement and rehearsal schedules.
  • Tracks expenses and schedules payments.
  • Stores info on each of your bookings, and provides fast access to any saved quote.
  • Calculates commissions and pay amounts; checks for double bookings.
  • Color coded calendar helps manage penciled in, booked, and worked gigs, and displays rehearsal times and vacations.
  • Provides reports for earnings, expenses, and prints lists of all data.
  • Download gig schedule to iPod or PDA.
  • Tracks gig positions open and what players you've offered them to.
  • Step-By-Step user's guide and unlimited product support included.
  • User customizable "Explorer-like" windows allow you to display information the way YOU want to see it.
  • Keeps important info on your players, staff, contacts, and venues.
  • Manages your repetoire, AND creates and stores set lists with
    time duration for each song.
  • Manages promotional campaigns and tracks shipments of promo.
  • The Journal Keeper keeps notes on every Contact, Venue, and Gig in the system.
  • Allows user to enter reminders and view them on a ToDo List.
  • Point of Sale module (optional); set it up at the gig to help with sales of your merchandise.
  • Import Service module (optional); allows you to move your data from other systems to The Band Leader without re-typing it.
  • Equipment/Materials module creates checklists, invoices, and profitability reports for any type of side line proposal.
  • Creates a backup of all your data in seconds.
  • Generates generic or personalized email and optionally includes your bookings.

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