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How does this system compare with other methods of "keeping the books" ?
One of the biggest advantages is the fact that the system is fully integrated. This means that everything is tied together. No longer will you have to keep a separate calendar, address book, journals, quote system, song list spreadsheets, earnings register, or expense ledger. Futhermore, with just a few mouse clicks, you can create a complete backup copy off all your information, print out neatly organized reports, or update your web site's gig schedule.

What's in it for me ?
The organization and bookkeeping skills for bands aren't taught in school. Musicians want to explore their instruments and do writing, recording, and performing (... you know, the creative stuff). The Band Leader software aids in keeping the band leader/manager impressively organized, allowing them to turn their attention back to the music. A well organized band leader/manager is respected in the circles, and gains confidence among peers.

How complex is the setup ?
The Band Leader software accomodates a wealth of information but allows you to track only as much of it as you want to. You can also choose how much of the program you want to use, as not everyone needs everything. This is all designed for users to get up and running quickly so they can begin feeling the benefits. The installation manual contains a step by step plan, and unlimited product support is included.

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