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Below you can check out the latest series of "1 minute videos"
from Scotty Vee describing all kinds of Cool features.

* Included in the list below are some Windows MediaPlayer files (WMV Video).
When you click them they will be downloaded to your Windows or Android device. Look in your downloads
and click them to open them. These are videos from previous versions.
We use the VLC Media Player on Android to watch them.
The WMV videos may take one minute before playing.

Introduction   (Video)   1 Minute look at The Band Leader menu.
Getting Started   (Video)   Download, Installation, and Getting Started with the DEMO or Purchased Product
Players, Staff, and Contacts   (Video)   Setting up players: Just the Basics!
    (Video)   Setting up players: Advanced topics!
    (Video)   Cool Columns of Info - Scotty Vee
Search and Pay By Check   (Video)   Cool Search for UnPaid Players - Scotty Vee
Ensembles   (Video)   Creating Ensembles of Players
The Gig Manager window   (Video)   Gig Dates and Times
    (Video)   Add Players to a gig
    (Video)   Misc Gig Info
    (Video)   Recurring Gigs
    (Video)   Cool Gig Status at a Glance - Scotty Vee
    (Video)   Cool Pay Amounts calculator - Scotty Vee
    (Video)   Cool use of Blackout dates - Scotty Vee
    (Video)   Cool Cash Payouts - Scotty Vee
    (* WMV Video)   Building Quotes
    (* WMV Video)   Begin a New Gig
    (* WMV Video)   Confirming Players for Gigs
Calendars   (Video)   On-Line Gig Calendars for your Players - by Jon Blair
    (Video)   Cool Web Calendars - Scotty Vee
    (* WMV Video)   Internal Gig Calendar
Miscellaneous Expenses   (Video)   Using the Grid to enter Expenses - Just the Basics!
    (Video)   Using the Grid to enter Expenses - More Power!
    (Video)   Using the Grid to enter Expenses - Even More Power!
Repertoire and Show Lists   (* WMV Video)   Managing your show lists
    (Video)   Cool Set Lists - Scotty Vee
    (Video)   Cool Show List options - Scotty Vee
"To Do" List   (Video)   Cool "To Do" List - Scotty Vee
Equipment and Production   (Video)   Entering Items and Making Kits
    (Video)   Creating Proposals
    (Video)   Equipment and Production Reports
Making Contracts and Invoices
(The Document Generator)
  (* WMV Video)   Merging Gig Data with Templates
    (Video)   Cool Contracts and Invoices - Scotty Vee
    (PDF)   Complete list of Merge Data and Embed Variable Names
Email Campaigns   (Video)   Grouping your Recipients
    (Video)   Sending Smart Email - Scotty Vee
    (Video)   Collect Addresses from Fans
Importing Data   (Video)   Importing Data from other software programs
Promo Materials Management   (* WMV Video)   Track Promo sent out to Contacts

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