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Start a tour.
  • Automatically updates your website's gig schedule.
  • Automatically builds Web Site calendars for Band Members only or your fans.
  • Prints customized contracts, gig sheets, engagement and rehearsal schedules.
  • Tracks expenses and schedules payments.
  • Stores info on each of your bookings, and provides fast access to any saved quote.
  • Calculates commissions and pay amounts; checks for double bookings.
  • Color coded calendar helps manage penciled in, booked, and worked gigs, and displays rehearsal times and vacations.
  • Provides reports for earnings, expenses, and prints lists of all data.
  • Download gig schedule to iPod or PDA.
  • Tracks gig positions open and what players you've offered them to.
  • Step-By-Step user's guide and unlimited product support included.
  • User customizable "Explorer-like" windows allow you to display information the way YOU want to see it.
  • Keeps important info on your players, staff, contacts, and venues.
  • Manages your repetoire, AND creates and stores set lists with
    time duration for each song.
  • Manages promotional campaigns and tracks shipments of promo.
  • The Journal Keeper keeps notes on every Contact, Venue, and Gig in the system.
  • Allows user to enter reminders and view them on a ToDo List.
  • Point of Sale module (optional); set it up at the gig to help with sales of your merchandise.
  • Import Service module (optional); allows you to move your data from other systems to The Band Leader without re-typing it.
  • Creates a backup of all your data in seconds.
  • Generates generic or personalized email and optionally includes your bookings. Assign up to 50 mail groups to each recipient.
  • FREE product updates keep you current with the latest features (downloadable from the web).