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The Band Leader version 5.9

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Generate user stylable online event calendars, with gig details.
view Band Calendar sample
view Player Calendar sample

Manages email campaigns, and sends emails to fans within a given radius of your next gig.

Create and Store Quotes; track Gig history.

Includes 180+ customizable gig related fields.

Calculates pay amounts and commissions based on gig earnings combined with any income from other sources, including sales from our optional Merch Table (POS) software.

Generate custom contracts, letters, and invoices using the information you've entered for your engagements.

Start a tour.
Start a tour.

Choose which columns of data you want to see in the data entry windows and sort information in the way that makes sense to you.

Enter gig expenses just as easy as a spreadsheet. Also track mileage and personal expenses.

Handle multiple acts.

Manage repetoire; Create and Save set lists that fit within times alloted.

Searches which gigs players have worked and prepares check payment info.

Create Production Proposals for your equipment. Print "What to take with me" reports.

Quick Setup Guide and Detailed Step by Step manual included.

Contact Us/Get Support Buy It Now Get StartUp Codes

What people have said about The Band Leader software...

"... (The Band Leader) is a feature rich program that's designed
to handle a musician's business
... (The Point of Sale Service module) is incredibly simple and ingenious at the same time.
Every performing songwriter should have this in his or her arsenal of gig tools."
Performing Songwriter magazine
March/April 2004
"It's hard to think of something this software won't do." Dave Jackson's Musician's Cooler
"I was shocked with the level of customer support and the finished product is,
hands down, the greatest tool that my company has.
One of my favorite features is the new Venue Radius Report.
Let's say you book a gig singing in Nashville, Zip Code 37219, for Sunday morning.
Now you need a Sunday Night within a 70 mile radius. No reason to look through all
your contacts, simply click a button and all your contacts within 70 miles appear.
Scott Lucas
Catacomb Music, Inc. Nashville, TN
" You're amazing!! Thank you VERY much for all your help in incorporating my
suggestions into your already fabulous software. You've been the best developer
I've ever worked with.
Jon Blair
Management & Booking
"Thanks for an excellent product!  I also evaluated the leading competitor's package,
The Band Leader wins hands-down." 
Rick Taormino
band leader - Vertigo Haze
" ... I've been running the software and we are all very impressed. I look forward to
working with your product and am sure I made a good choice with your company."
Richard Hall
"This program is GREAT!  I've tried setting up (contract) templates in Quicken, Money,
Word, etc. to no avail.  This works perfectly!"
Jason Leroy
Guitarist, Scarlet Runner
" I have been a full time pro musician for 20 years and I have played close to 3000 gigs.
The Band Leader program has literally helped my business grow leaps and bounds. Thx
Laurence McKenna
Performer, Management, and Booking
"I purchased it to review it for my studio clients who asked if there was any software
they could use to track gigs and expenses. The Band Leader does much more and
the personal support you get is more than worth the cost
Glenn Scofield
President, Clear Gravy recording studios
"Band Leader is a great way to keep band paperwork in order." Mark Hazzard
CEO, Gifted Child Music.
"You folks designed a nearly fool proof program that is laid out in a very
understandable format
David Downer
Down and Dirty Entertainment, Inc.
"After researching several band management software programs, the Band Leader
was the only package that provided everything we needed to run our business
professionally and efficiently.
Luke Braa
band manager for
"Second Story Rising"
"Come tax time, it takes me about 5 min. to get everything together at the end
of the year."
Terri Cee
CEO / manager, Change of Heart Inc.
" Thanks for all your help. I'm very interested in this program that's why I want to know
all about it. BTW, excellent customer support!... You are on top of your game...
I couldn't ask for more
:) "
Diana Cazessus
potential customer at that time

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you've come to the right place for Band Management and Gig Tracking Software

Get Free Simple Music Contract and Gig Payout Sheet templates

The Band Leader version 5.9

The Band Leader features ...

  • Automatically updates your website's gig schedule.
  • Automatically builds Web Site calendars for Band Members only or your fans.
  • Prints customized contracts, gig sheets, engagement and rehearsal schedules.
  • Tracks expenses and schedules payments.
  • Stores info on each of your bookings, and provides fast access to any saved quote.
  • Calculates commissions and pay amounts; checks for double bookings.
  • Color coded calendar helps manage penciled in, booked, and worked gigs, and displays rehearsal times and vacations.
  • Provides reports for earnings, expenses, and prints lists of all data.
  • Download gig schedule to iPod or PDA.
  • Tracks gig positions open and what players you've offered them to.
  • Step-By-Step user's guide and unlimited product support included.
  • User customizable "Explorer-like" windows allow you to display information the way YOU want to see it.
  • Keeps important info on your players, staff, contacts, and venues.
  • Manages your repetoire, AND creates and stores set lists with
    time duration for each song.
  • Manages promotional campaigns and tracks shipments of promo.
  • The Journal Keeper keeps notes on every Contact, Venue, and Gig in the system.
  • Allows user to enter reminders and view them on a ToDo List.
  • Point of Sale module (optional); set it up at the gig to help with sales of your merchandise.
  • Import Service module (optional); allows you to move your data from other systems to The Band Leader without re-typing it.
  • Equipment/Materials module creates checklists, invoices, and profitability reports for any type of side line proposal.
  • Creates a backup of all your data in seconds.
  • Generates generic or personalized email and optionally includes your bookings.


More features of The Band Leader...Gig Calendar
  • An easy to read Gig Calendar shows gigs in different colors depending on the
    gig status (Booked, Penciled In, Penciled In within warning period, and Performed/Paid).
  • Rehearsal Memos and Vacations can be included on the Color-Coded Gig Calendar.
  • Shows gigs for one ensemble, or all ensembles you track.

More features of The Band Leader... Gig Manager

  • Allows tracking of bookings for many ensembles.

    The Gig Manager window remembers the following for EACH GIG entered:
  • Earnings for up to 20 players per gig
  • Pay to up to 10 staff members
  • Schedule the payment of up to 10 miscellaneous expenses per gig (reimbursements)
  • Quote Date, Start Date
  • Number of Consequtive days, start and end times for unlimited number of shows per day
  • Contact, and Purchaser
  • Unique notes specific to this gig ( a regular journal for each gig )
  • Venue, sound check and load in times, time zone, ticket price, sound provided, lights provided
  • Band Leader's name/address
  • Deposit amount required, deposit required by and received date
  • Relating to shows per day - breaks - length of breaks - number of sets
  • How much deposited in band kitty, how much withdrawn from band kitty


  • Automatically calculates up to three fixed or percentage based commissions per gig.
  • Provides for manually entered player pay, percentage based pay, or automatically calculates equal pay amounts.
  • When calculating equal pay amounts user can select denomination to "round" to.
  • Allows creation of Expense Templates that can be "pulled in" to quickly determine a price quote
  • Allows creation of Player Ensembles that can be "pulled in" to quick set up a gig.
  • Allows copying of one gig to another with only a date change needed (useful if everything is the same)
  • Checks for double bookings as you enter date and times
  • Allows user to reconconcile deposits to a kitty, and prints a money distribution summary for each gig.
  • Provides an advanced search engine to quickly find Players, Staff, or Contacts in your system.
  • Calculates how many of each currency bill you need to make cash payments to your players.

More features of The Band Leader... Data Setup Windows

  • SetUp windows allow users to customize the way they want their entries displayed and sorted.
  • Set List maker keeps track of which songs you've selected for the set list as you go.
  • Quick Entry feature allow setting up entries with only the minimum of information required.
  • Players can have up to five different talents that are searched for when needed.
  • Each of the five player talents can be "rated" for proficiency.
  • Each player can be rated by Work Ethic, Dependibility, Personality, and Punctuality.
  • Players can have up to three style preferences that can be searched for when needed.
  • Players can be designated to have up to four additional "special" talents (i.e., reads music, writes music, arranges horns, etc.)
  • Staff Member can have up to five services they provide that are searched for when needed.
  • Contacts can be grouped into Organizations (i.e., agencies), and sorted by organization.
  • All repetoire can be categorized by type, and rated for performance readiness.
  • Set lists can be prepared and stored. A set list can be printed with Key, Author,
    Chart Number, and Year released in addition to song title. This is helpful to have something to
    "chat" about with the audience if necessary. Song durations are added up to show total set duration.
  • Songs are easily moved around on a set list with "click and drag" capability.
  • Songs selected on a set list are marked and remaining "unselected" songs can be sorted in any
    fashion to aid with completion of the task.
  • Allows recording of expenses, and reimbursements, to be paid. Payments can be In-Full or Partial payments can be made
  • Expenses are categorized for tax reporting.

More features of The Band Leader... Promo Material Campaign

  • Promotional materials can be "ear marked" for each recipient. Reports can be printed to remind
    you what you've "ear marked" and to who it should be sent.
  • Shipping manifests can be printed detailing "who gets what" for a third party who would
    be in charge of doing the actual mailings.

More features of The Band Leader... Report Writer
Types of Reports available:

  • Engagement Schedules
  • Players List
  • Ensembles List
  • Expense Template List
  • Staff Personnel List
  • Contacts List
  • Venue List
  • Rehearsal Schedule
  • Current UnPaid Expenses
  • Payment History
  • Payout Reports for Players, Staff, Agents, etc.
  • All reports can be sorted and subtotaled in a variety of ways.
  • Reports can be printed to the screen first then selected to be printed to either paper, or spreadsheet formats.

More general features of the... The Band Leader

  • Updates your web site's gig schedule/calendar including a "hype" line and a link URL for each gig listed.
  • Allows user to "coin" phrases to be used again, and again (in journals, or todo list) so typing is reduced.
  • ToDo list can bet set to open first when program starts.
  • ToDo list refreshes every minute, and tasks change color when they are past due.
  • Allows user to backup all Band Leader data in one quick step.
  • Allows customizing of the main backdrop image.
  • Contract generator allows users to create their own contracts/invoices
    and insert "keywords" into the text that will be automatically replaced with information from your gigs.

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